Monday, May 26, 2008

Build-A-Bear Buzz on Break

Build-A-Bear Buzz will be taking a break until further notice.

Thank you for reading!

~Lilli Cooper

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stuffed with Hugs

Today, Build-A-Bear is holding a truly wonderful event: their annual Stuffed with Hugs day. Customers have the option of building a bear for a less fortunate someone, and the cost to the customer is null. Although Build-A-Bear limits the number of donated bears to 150 per store, that number adds up quickly: Build-A-Bear owns hundreds of stores internationally.
This year, Build-A-Bear has put a twist on the event: choose your charity. Yes, Build-A-Bear has selected four charities it considers important and reliable: Super Siblings, Sunshine Kids, Pet Shelters Across America, and FirstBook (I've made those names links so that you can view the organization's website). With this, Build-A-Bear suppports a variety of causes: children's health and wellness, pet adoption/humane education, and literacy, respectively.
This event is a great oppurtunity to teach your children about the joy of giving. Why not have your child make two bears - one for themself and one for a child in need? Or, if your children already have several Build-A-Bears, use this oppurtunity to make a bear exclusively for another child. It's also a good oppurtunity to teach your children about the cause you'll donate the bear to. Better yet, teach them about all three causes and let them decide which to give to!
Build-A-Bear is showing its caring side, and we should all support whole-heartedly. Build-A-Bear is giving its customers an oppurtunity to think of others above themselves and parents to teach and spend quality with their kids. I would support that any day.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 6: Curly Bunny

Good morning! It's Lilli, and I'm here with one of the predecessors of all Build-A-Bear Bunnies: Curly Bunny!

Curly Bunny: Hi!!!!!!!
Lilli: Curly Bunny, tell us a little about yourself.
Curly Bunny: Well, I look alot like Curly Teddy. We have exactly the same fur, we're both 15 inches tall, and we both have black eyes. It just goes to show you the truth of the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover": though we looked the same, we had two completely different personalities!
Lilli: Tell us a little about that.
Curly Bunny: I'm really super peppy!!! (Curly's a bit more...relaxed) She liked knitting, I liked jumping...but we made a great pair. We've been BFs ever since. Anyways, I was one of two bunnies released in October of 1997: Lil' Bunny (who's BF with Curly & me) and myself. Sadly, Lil' Bunny only made it to April '98 before they retired her. She was our first retirement. After her, they introduced Fluffy Bunny, Chocolate Bunny, Lil' Bunny II, Joyful Bunny, and many others in the spring collection. There was Pawlette Coufur, introduced in 1999, and Curly Bunny II, introduced with Curly Bear II in 2002. I only lasted two years after that - I left in December of 2004. Curly Bear had been retired two years earlier, shortly after Curly Bear II arrived.
Lilli: We're out of time for today - would you mind hosting our show next week? You'd interview Floppy Teddy.
Curly Bunny: I wouldn't mind at all! Sounds like fun! See y'all next week!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Build-A-Bear built the perfect online haven for kids. Anyone can join. Everyone starts with the same number of bear bucks and the same possesions. Everyone works their way up the social ladder through perseverance and hard work. Along the way, kids have to make desicions about priorities: do I want to buy furniture for my cub condo, or do I want to buy this shirt? Such descisions teach children the finite quality of money. Eventually, if a child works hard, they will accumulate plenty of stuff. In the process, Build-A-Bearvillers make friends, chat safely, and have fun!

However, Build-A-Bearville recently created the concept of "Store Credit." Simply put, those users spending money at physical Build-A-Bear stores are given exclusive items on Build-A-Bearville. I'm fine with rewarding users for their already-owned Build-A-Bears, but Store Credit gives wealthy users an advantage over less-fortunate users. I don't believe this is the best idea....Build-A-Bear could maximize their profits a different way.
  • "Pawsome Points" take place of "Store Credit": We know that every little bit counts, and "Store Credits" scream a message of "You need more! Buy more! Buy more! Buy more!" I could go on and on about how it could have been a good concept, but its execution (pressuring Build-A-Bearvillers to buy) wasn't the greatest. So, how can we switch "Store Credit" to something more positive? Here's my idea: teach kids the value of hard work. Anyone completing the Be 100% Pawsome promotion would recieve a promotional "code." When purchasing something at Build-A-Bear, mentioning your specific code would take 7% off your purchase amount and give you "Build-A-Bearville Pawsome Points." The catch? Use the code as often as you like, but it'll be invalid at the end of the summer. This encourages several things: hard work (to recieve a code), high purchase amounts (buy more to save more) and frequent visits (this code will expire soon, so we need to use it!). There's no pressuring for Build-A-Bearville users to buy, only to participate in Be 100% Pawsome (which is free). The "Pawsome Points" rewarded wouldn't be measured by your purchase amount - they'd be a constant amount, another reason to come back to Build-A-Bear often.

This would definately be an advantage to Build-A-Bear. No gift card or coupon manufacturing costs, no ruined reputation, and more customers! Build-A-Bear would be wise to impliment this idea.

Thanks for reading - next Tuesday, I'll post on the concept of Build-A-Bearville high score tables (and that'll be a happy article!)!

Until then!


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pawsome Panda arrives and Kuddly Koala gets a makover

Build-A-Bear has been rennovating their old bears lately: Black Lab, Kuddly Koala, Pawsome Panda - even Beremy has changed. They're making their bears cuter than ever, simply by changing fur length and style. It's a simply pawsome idea, and I'm all for it! So, without further ado, let's start talking about Pawsome Panda!
This panda, at only $16, is adorable! Her long, soft fur is a new addition, and the price has gone down an encouraging $9! Yet another improvement: Build-A-Bear has started advertising the fact that she looks good in almost any outfit. She's perfect for a little girl's or boy's birthday gift, her price is within a good Build-A-Bear budget, and her eyes are cute enough to melt your heart. Build-A-Bear hit the nail on the head when designing Pawsome Panda: she's the ideal gift for anyone!
Build-A-Bear fans may also have noticed the newly-designed Kuddly Koala. Though not formally announced, this bear has grown his fur out and gotten a bit chubbier! She's cuter, furrier, softer, bigger, and more huggable than ever before. If you're going to pick up Pawsome Panda, you have to pick up this bear too. They'd make a cute and huggable pair!
Build-A-Bear's improvments have made a "BANG" in the Build-A-Bear world. I can't wait to see what they'll do next!!!
Don't forget to read my blog on Tuesday for another report on current stuff!
See you then,
Lilli <3

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 5: Curly Bear

Good morning, Thursday readers! Today we have one of my favorite guests, Curly Bear! She was one of the original 1997 bears, too. Here she is!

Curly bear: Hello, Lilli!

Lilli: Hi, Curly Bear! I'm excited to have you on the show - you know, I'm a Curly Teddy!

Curly Bear: Awesome! I do rememer Curly Bear II - she was introduced a few months before I retired. Apperently, the Curly seiries was quite popular.

Lilli: I think so. So, what was it like being a bear back in 1997?

Curly Bear: Tons of fun! I was an average-height bear (15 inches) and helped with cheerleading for the basketball teams! That was, of course, after Maxine locked up the store and the mall was closed.

Lilli: Fun!

Curly Bear: The best part was being a bear for a little girl. I tried on so many clothes - dresses, suits, uniforms, costumes - but I liked the ballerina and cheerleader outfits the best. I guess I'm a sports bear at heart!

Lilli: What kind of books did you enjoy reading?

Curly Bear: Lilli! We wouldn't normally have books! Thankfully, we found a bookstore eventually...I guess you've heard that I went down there twice a week, huh?

Lilli: Yup! I love reading, too.

Curly Bear: It's hard to be solitary after what us bears experienced: we were a whole family with tons of fun siblings! I did only go twice a week, and only on nights when the basketball team wasn't playing. Well, my favorite books were on sports and poetry. I did like the cookbooks occasionally - the idea of non-stuffed food fascinated me - but I really liked the pictures of real athletes trying their hardest, and poetry has continued to amaze me in its beauty.

Lilli: What did you do after you retired?

Curly Bear: Oh, that was easy! On Christmas of 2002 I recieved a ballerina outfit from the rest of the bears (it was a retired one, so Maxine didn't mind our taking it) as a retirement gift. That month, I set out on my own. I first asked advice from Pink and Blue (see Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 1) since they'd always been like parents to me. They told me to audition for New York Ballet, since I really wanted to dance! So I did. Now, I'm a proffessional.

Lilli: That's all the time we have for now. :( I'm sorry, Curly, but we'll have to wrap it up!

Curly: Bye, everyone! Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Build-A-Bear this May

Looks like Build-A-Bear has listened to the voice of its customers. Build-A-Bear has stopped in-store promotions for Build-A-Bearville and instead is focusing on the character of the kids. Build-A-Bearville has eased up on their in-store pressuring, to let the fun of their website lure customers in. This is a huge improvement - great job, Build-A-Bear!

On that note, let's take a look at what they've scheduled for May. In Build-A-Bear Workshop, caring and sharing seem to be the theme. Whether it's a free tote for mom (with purchase, May 3&4) or donating a bear to a child in need (Stuffed with Hugs, May 17th), Build-a-Bear is nurturing the caring spirit in a child. They're sponsoring several worthy organizations through Stuffed with Hugs, the purple hearts, and Beremy's Kennel Pals. They've also updated one of their bears, and they're introducing him under a new name (therefore staying honest with customers). They've added many new gift sets, for grads and moms and more. All in all, it looks like a great month at Build-A-Bear Workshop.

I'm looking forward to Build-A-Bear's May schedule!!!

Thanks for reading my post, and tune in on Thursday to read about another bear of the past!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother's Day at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear has prepared their Mother's Day celebrations with much flourish and excitement - but no bribes. Yes, it looks like Build-A-Bear won't be dependant on Build-A-Bearville after all.

Build-A-Bear brought out a terrific promotion: a Mother's Day gift for your mom if you buy $15 worth of Build-A-Bear products - MAY 3&4 ONLY. No Bear Bucks bribes, no Build-A-Bearville T-shirts....just a gift for your mom to show how much you love her. Build-A-Bear is truly returning to their family values.

So, what's the gift? Build-A-Bear has really done their very best: they've designed a quality tote without a hint of Build-A-Bear. It looks like it's from Kohl's or JC Penny's, and it's something your mom will find both fashionable and useful. Of course, if your mom isn't the tote-carrying kind, she can always go to JC Penny for a shopping spree - that's right, Build-A-Bear includes a $10 off coupon for JC Penny with every fashion tote.

These factors not only encourage children to think of others - to think of their family - but they're great business ideas. In my area, this fashion tote would be totally "in." I wouldn't be surprised if it were popular in other areas, too! Not only that, but a coupon for JC Penny provides a business partner for Build-A-Bear and customers for JC Penny (as well as customers for Build-A-Bear).

The timing is also critical. It's before anyone will leave to go out-of-town for the holiday, yet close enough for the customers to be looking for a gift. It's perfect timing, and I can't wait to see the profits!

Build-A-Bear has reinforced their promotion with the usual holiday stuff - special shipping dates, pre-assembled bears you can order online, etc. - but this promotion should really boost their sales. I'm glad Build-A-Bear is having this promotion, and if I were available this weekend I'd go down there and spend tons of $$ at their store to support this great idea. You would be wise to do the same; Build-A-Bear needs tons of positive reinforcment!

Please contact Build-A-Bear if you are happy with this promotion, and thanks for reading my blog!!! Tune in on Tuesday to hear the May lineup for Build-A-Bear, and on Thursday we'll have a brief interview with....oh, just another bear of the past!!

Last but not least, Build-A-Bear Buzz will be shortening our articles for your sake starting this Tuesday. If you like the longer articles, please send a short note to - if we get enough responses, I might just start writing longer articles.



Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 4: Classic Brown Teddy

Welcome back to another episode of Bears of the Past! Today, we have special guest Classic Brown Teddy with us. Good morning, Classic Brown Teddy!

Classic Brown Teddy: Good morning, Lilli! You can just call me by my nickname, Mini Caramel.
Lilli: Cute nickname! How did you get it?
Classic Brown Teddy: It was a natural fit: my fur color is the color of caramel, and at 11 inches tall I'm the smallest Build-A-Bear from the original October '97 line.
Lilli: Wow! So, what do you think of being the smallest Build-A-Bear from the original group?
Classic Brown Teddy: I really don't mind. People are always getting fed up about "I'm so short!" or "I'm so tall!" or "I'm just average and nothing exciting," but there are advantages to all heights. The boy bears were always trying to get the rest of us into tight places (vents and such) and I came in handy as a scout. It was really a ton of fun.
Lilli: I bet you were glad to be short!
Classic Brown Teddy: You bet I was! Nevertheless, the tall bears also had advantages. At night, they'd sometimes get out the sports accessories and play basketball or baseball.
Lilli: LOL! Were the games fairly exciting?
Classic Brown Teddy: They were HILARIOUS! We'd never seen a basketball game - we only heard customers talk about them - so we had to make up our own rules. We didn't start playing with a ball until a few months after we started the basketball games - that's how oblivious we were!
Lilli: So, what made you start playing with a ball?
Classic Brown Teddy: Well, Black Bear was always into sports, so he eventually found a sports store in our mall. After alot of talking to the various balls and jerseys, we found out that they knew ALOT about sports. They helped us modify our rules to fit the standard rules. Did you know, Black Bear is now the coach of the Chicago Bears' Mascot?
Lilli: Actually, yes. I interviewed him a few weeks ago (click here to view the post).
Classic Brown Teddy: Oh, Black Bear. He was so sad to leave. I was there, you know - I didn't retire until February of 2003. By 2003, however, I'd seen so much (alot happens in six years!): the first Build-A-Bear panda and monkey (before World Wildlife Fund) and the first World Wildlife Fund bears; the first Beremy's Kennal Pal and the first Valentine's Day bear; the introduction of Beremy and the debut of Pawlette Coufur; the replacements of many of my friends - I was ready to leave. I retired to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and have been running a small knitting business ever since. I keep in touch with my old friends and stay updated on Build-A-Bear, but that's about it. Oh, and I read your blog as often as I can!
Lilli: Wow, Mini Caramel! You have seen alot! I'm glad you read my blog, too. But before you go, would you care to tell our readers about Build-A-Bear's Mother's Day promotion?
Classic Brown Teddy: Yes! Although I've never been a mother myself (I stayed single through my bear years), I am really excited about this year's Mother's Day promotion, May 3rd-4th. Like Lilli, I was disappointed in the declining Build-A-Bear values due to Build-A-Bearville. However, this promotion is a pioneer-of-sorts: it's the first "no strings attached" promotion. Buy $15 worth of Build-A-Bear stuff and get a free fashion tote for your mom. Not 5,000 Bear Bucks and a fashion tote, not 100 Bear Bucks and a fashion tote - for once, Build-A-Bear is encouraging children to think of others more than themselves.
Lilli: What a great promotion.
Classic Brown Teddy: I'll see you later, Lilli!
Lilli: Bye, Mini Caramel!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Build-A-Bear improvements

IF YOU AGREE WITH THIS ARTICLE, PLEASE CONTACT BUILD-A-BEAR(the red text is a link to Build-A-Bear's e-mail). A short e-mail may be enough to change Build-A-Bear's thinking.

We all know by now about Build-A-Bear's most recent idea: Build-A-Bearville. Yes, it seems that Build-A-Bear is depending on Build-A-Bearville to leverage its sales. But is it really such a good idea? Today, I'm going to look into some ways Build-A-Bear could more effectively use Build-A-Bearville without creating resentment among loyal customers.

Let me explain where I'm coming from. In our household we have six Build-A-Bears from varying Build-A-Bear eras. We've made over 70 purchases - in our household alone there are probably 40-50 outfits. We've bought over $1,000 in Build-A-Bear stuff, even though we live a good 45 minutes to an hour away from the closest Build-A-Bear Workshop. Two of our Build-A-Bears will be married this summer, and we had planned a high budget for wedding supplies. And yet, we are excluded from the Bear Boutique and denied Build-A-Bearville privaleges. Why is that?

That is the question many Build-A-Bear fans are asking while being shut out of Bear Boutiques and sunny beaches. Why us? Why must we, the loyal customers, be excluded from the "fun stuff" of Build-A-Bearville, while others enjoy the luxury of exclusive online furniture and accessories? Why would Build-A-Bear reject its most loyal customer base?

Maybe because someone has to be excluded, or so Build-A-Bear thinks. The basis of Build-A-Bearville is "Buy more and you get more! Pamper yourself - having is better than wanting! You deserve more stuff, after all" and "Other people have it - you're entitled to it! Look at how much fun they're having. Don't you want to be better than them?" That theme doesn't work without exclusion. Instead of fostering a love for teddy bears and family relationships, Build-A-Bearville is fostering a generation of greed and an attitude of "Dogs eat dogs - do you want to be eaten?"

Build-A-Bear's original purpose was much different. Teddy bears are classic, and Build-A-Bear coupled that truth with valuable themes. You picked a bear, gave it a heart and the ability to love, you clothed it, and you brought it home to care for it. You made a friend, you believed in love, you spent time with your family, and you found meaning in caring for someone other than yourself. That's what Build-A-Bear was all about - so why has it changed?

Build-A-Bearville has added a new facet to the Build-A-Bear experience, and I'm sorry to find it a negative one. Build-A-Bearville has added competition and greed. What could Build-A-Bear have done differently to improve Build-A-Bearville and support the classic Build-A-Bear experience?

Here are a few things that might have worked better. It's not too late to impliment them, and I strongly believe they would increase sales and customers as well as love:
  • Crafts with your bear: Build-A-Bear's core purpose was creating a friend, but what should a customer do when they walk out of the store? How do you actually "play" with a teddy bear? Build-A-Bear could easily fill that gap the way American Girl did: create an activity book for you and your bear. Whether provided online (without depending on the customer owning a computer printer) or given to the Guest at time of sale, craft booklets are the perfect thing to keep the Build-A-Bear spark alive. The more "bonding time" a child associates with their Build-A-Bear, the more alive the bear will seem. Soon, the child will be asking to go to Build-A-Bear not because "I need more stuff!" but because "Fluffy is feeling cold and needs a new sweater" and because "Fluffy has grown out of his old swimsuit and needs a new one" and because "Fluffy's my friend, and I need to help him!"

  • Bear clubs: When Bear Bonding fails, socialization will draw a crowd. Build-A-Bear needs clubs - after-school clubs, on-weekend clubs, you name it - but bring your bear! The clubs could take place at Build-A-Bear, and club members wouldn't be pressured to buy anything. They'd be organized by age so that the older members weren't meeting with 8-year-olds, and each age group could do appropriate activities. They'd go through the "Be 100% Pawsome!" program together, they'd read age-appropriate books together, they'd go out for pizza together - they'd do lots of things together. Guests would be given a brochure about the clubs at the time of their purchase, and many mothers are be looking for the right drop-off place for their child. Cost would be minimal or null, and Build-A-Bear would provide a safe environment that encouraged family values. Oh, and the big deal for Build-A-Bear is this: those club members (especially teens) will love to indulge in Build-A-Bear products again and again with the excuse "I was on my way to the club, and I just couldn't resist!"

  • Fewer Build-A-Bearville exclusives: Build-A-Bear did the right thing when they allowed Welcome Passes for those guests with older bears, and they did the right thing when they restricted Cub Condo ownership to Build-A-Bear owners. However, I would make that the only restricted option. Have a non-Build-A-Bear owner visit a friend's Cub Condo enough, and they'll want one just like it. After they have their Cub Condo - the original reason they went to the physical Build-A-Bear - they'll begin to see Build-A-Bear's real purpose. And they'd see the love, the family time, the new friend, and they'd want to come back. All of this would happen simply because of Build-A-Bearville. After all, they're more likely to be playing on a website that's welcoming them ("Anyone can come and play on 99% of this website for free!!!!") as opposed to rejecting them ("What? No purchase? Oh, no, you can't survive here without a purchase! Yes, it says its free, but that's only 45% of the website. You have to pay for the rest.")

With these three Build-A-Bear improvements alone Build-A-Bear can make much more money. Shifting the direction of the website will not be seen as "Oh, we made a mistake" so much as it will be seen as "We love our customers so much, we decided to give you even more!" Adding the Build-A-Bear clubs and activity booklets will boost customer support, customer fun, and customer willingness to spend more money. And why shouldn't Build-A-Bear boost those things? It would make money, establish a customer base, and shore up Build-A-Bear's reputation.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Build-A-Bear's not-so-new Black Lab

Well, here's news for you: Build-A-Bear is (once again) releasing a newer version of a bear while the old version is up for sale. Build-A-Bear is repackaging an old bear before the previous version is retired! This time, it's Black Lab.

But that isn't too bad - after all, many of their improvments were great. But what is troubling is the way Build-A-Bear packaged these revisions. Build-A-Bear's word choice is quite misleading: headlines such as "Just Arrived! Black Lab" and "Black Labrador arrives April 25" would lead any casual web surfer to believe Build-A-Bear was releasing a brand-new bear. But Build-A-Bear released the original Black Lab in 2001, and it hasn't retired since. Build-A-Bear simply gave the Black Lab a makover - it now has longer fur, a longer muzzle, and pink on the inside of its ears. Though Build-A-Bear had to modify its manufaturing methods, it was no excuse to bill this bear as a "Just Arrived!".

What should Build-A-Bear have done? It would have been quite easy to create a hustle-bustle around the new look of the Black Lab without misleading customers. A headline on the website such as "Come see my new look!", "I got a makeover!", or a bear news article about a "celebrity" (the Black Lab) who's updated her look would do fine. Released with some new dog clothing and new Quick Gifts featuring the Black Lab, and it would have been sufficient for attention-drawing (even for customers who don't want another bear but want new clothes). Combine this with a pet promotional (a $5 gift card to PetSmart, a free Build-A-Bear brush, or a coupon for a dog grooming being given to paying customers who meet the purchase requirement of $15 or more) and the promotion would pack a punch!

Build-A-Bear did do some things right - the Build-A-Bearville online quest, the Build-A-Bearville event with the author of a guide dog book, and partnering with a guide dog organization were all good ideas - but the delivery of their "newest furry friend" was not completely honest, and the new bear clothes recieved little attention (see Tuesday's post). I hope Build-A-Bear's integrity increases, and with that integrity I hope they see many sales.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 3: Chubby Cubby

Hello again! Welcome back to Bears of the Past, Part I. We're interviewing some of Build-A-Bear's very first bears! With me today is Chubby Cubby. Hello, Chubby!

Chubby: umph....hello Lilli!
Lilli: What's that you're eating?
Chubby:'s jusht a shinamin row....mmmmph..
Lilli: Sounds good! Did you make it?
Chubby: No...muh Mrs. made i'.
Lilli: Chubby, our readers won't be able to understand you if you keep eating that. Now, why don't you tell us a little about Mrs. Cubby? She made the cinnamon roll, right? Is that what you just said?
Chubby: Umph.....orkay.....jusht let me finish this bite....MMM! Okay, I'll tell you about Mrs. Cubby, but we'll have to go back to my younger days.
Lilli: That's what I'm here for.
Chubby: Alright, alright. As you already know, I was the one of the first bears introduced to Build-A-Bear. We had a great time, we bears. We would sneak out of Build-A-Bear every night through the vents - you know, like you always see on TV! We'd stay inside the mall, except for holidays.
Lilli: That's awesome!
Chubby: Yeah! Well, on Thanksgiving (it was in 1999, I believe) we ran into a stray bear from another toy shop. After we led her back into the mall and to her shop, I couldn't forget her. It was another year and one month before I retired, but I saw her every day anyway. On the night before I retired, I ran straight to the toy shop where she was!
Lilli: And?
Chubby: And? I promised her a plane ride to Alaska, where some of her relatives lived and where I already wanted to retire. She agreed, and soon enough I was visiting her at her parents' house. We were married a month later.
Lilli: Great! Now, I still have some questions before you need to go home to Alaska.
Chubby: OK. Go ahead.
Lilli: Was it difficult climbing through the vents because of your size?
Chubby: No. Though I was the heaviest bear in the group, I was one of the shorter bears. Many of the bears were 15 to 20 inches tall, so I had it pretty easy at 12 inches tall. They were big vents, too.
Lilli: Did you feel hot in the mall, especially during the summer, because of your long fur?
Chubby: Yes, I must admit, it did get quite warm. No worries - there were other longhaired bears (though longhaired bears were certainly the minority) who would go to Dairy Queen to get ice cream. I would go with them. I can still make a pretty smooth ice cream cone!
Lilli: Anything else you'd like to say? We'll have to sum it up now.
Chubby: Well, I'd like to thank Mrs. Cubby, my good friend Black Bear and my sons Grizzly Bear and Shaggy Teddy. And I'd like to send a big thank you all the readers out there - you're awesome!
Lilli: I totally agree - THANK YOU READERS!!!!

Well, that's Chubby Cubby. I hope you enjoyed the interview! Join me this Saturday for my report on the "new" Black Lab. I'll see you then!
God bless!

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Accessories for Bears and Pets

Build-A-Bear recently came out with a new set of accessories: a dog backpack, a saddle, and new hats have all been introduced into the Build-A-Bear collection. Since Build-A-Bear hasn't announced this, I figured it'd be great to tell you.

Let's start with the pets section. No doubt you've noticed that Build-A-Bear has custom-made accessories for their stuffed dogs. This spring, Build-A-Bear came out with their Helping Paw Backpack, complete with zippered pockets and an "Assistance Dog" label (too bad they put "Dog" on the label; I can think of other animals who might be happy to own a backpack that looks like the Helping Paw backpack). No doubt this release is in connection with the author promotion: if you haven't heard, Build-A-Bearville will be hosting an author who wrote a book on assistance dogs.

Horse-lovers will be mad at me if I exclude this one: a brand-new Build-A-Bear saddle. Though not the first Build-A-Bear saddle to be released, it certainly is unique. It's made to accomodate a Build-A-Bear sitting in the saddle and a Build-A-Bear underneath the saddle, making it a double win for customers. The set comes with a matching bridle and cute stirrups, and it's all only for $6. Get it quick - this is one item I have a feeling Build-A-Bear will raise the price on.

In the way of bear accessories, Build-A-Bear's hats are my favorite. Build-A-Bear has re-released some of their old hats, yes, but they've also introduced some new ones (or ones that haven't been seen in awhile) that are too cute to miss. Take, for example, the Straw Floppy Hat. Though you may wonder why it's called "Straw Floppy Hat" instead of "Floppy Straw Hat," you can't wonder about how cute it'll look on your bear. Couple this hat with a Gingham dress or a pink-and-jeans outfit for a cute combination. Of course, I'm biased toward this hat because it reminds me of the hat Julie Andrews wore in The Sound of Music, which happens to be my favorite musical. :)

Other new accessories include a huge selection of purses and other hats (some made to mimick Build-A-Bearville clothes), but the accessories mentioned above were my favorites.

Thanks for reading my blog! Tune in on Thursday to read an interview with a fun-loving bear, and read up on Build-A-Bear news this Saturday during our main post. Thanks again and have a great day!


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pawlette Coufur's Birthday Celebration

On April 22, Pawlette Coufur will celebrate yet another birthday. And though Build-A-Bear doesn't want to tell us how old Pawlette really is (girls are like that about birthdays), we are all invited to celebrate her ump-eenth birthday.

Pawlette began her celebration on April 16th in Build-A-Bearville, where she began her private showings of her newest designs. Pawlette's very first fashion show pulled off with a bang - users flock to the runway to receive their private showing of the newest stuff. From plaid to dresses, Pawlette really thought out-of-the-box for these clothes. She jazzed up her most popular shoes - ballet flats and high heels - and added in some new guy clothes. She also gave away a one-of-a-kind fashion bag to every show-goer, and many users proudly flash these bags in the Town Square.

Pawlette also celebrates her birthday in stores. Pawlette appears at every single Build-A-Bear store this weekend - you won't want to miss it! And as a gift to all the guests shopping in Build-A-Bear stores, Pawlette has created "Fashion Dog Tags" to be handed out to the paying guests.

Pawlette's birthday hails the first in-store givaway with (almost) no strings attached. A small Build-A-Bearville reward, yes, and overlapping with the Hannah Montanna Build-A-Bearville promotion. But seen by itself, this promotion could pave the way for more in-store events. We should support this whole-heartedly, since it may mean fewer Build-A-Bearville "bribes" and more in-store fun.

Happy Birthday Pawlette! :D :D :D :D

I'll see y'all on Tuesday, when I'll post on...well, that's a surprise. ;) On Thursday, we'll interview another one of Black Bear's old friends in "Bears of the Past, Part I."
See you then!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 2: Black Bear

Good morning, Build-A-Bear fans! I have secured an interview with the Honorary Black Bear, and he should be here any second. Oh, here he is now!

Black Bear: Hey, Lilli!
Lilli: Hi, Black Bear! I'm so excited to have you on the show!
Black Bear: No, the excitement is all mine. I've been following your blog, and you're doing a great job!
Lilli: Thanks! Well, let's get on with the interview. The first thing I usually ask is, "Tell us a little about yourself," but I guess you have a lot more to tell than most bears.
Black Bear: Indeed I do. For starters, I was introduced to Build-A-Bear the very first day the store opened. That was an immensly exciting day, and there aren't words to describe it. I lasted all through the winter of that year, and all us bears celebrated Christmas by sneaking into the snowy night while the mall was closed. Most of us had short fur (myself included), so it was a brave thing for a teddy bear to do!
Lilli: Wow! I can't imagine. What happened after that?
Black Bear: I'll cut my long story short; I'm sure other bears can tell you some of the fun times we had. But, one by one, we were retired. I retired in January of 2002, the year they retired most of their original bears. I was the first bear that year to retire, and it was awfully sad to leave. I, at least, knew my retirement was coming: during the previous summer, Build-A-Bear introduced Black Bear II and sent me on the "sell-out" path.
Lilli: So, what did you do after you retired?
Black Bear: I went on vacation, of course! First, I visited the Baby Bears, Blue and Pink. They'd never admit it, but they were teddy bear celebrities with speaking engagements and a trailer! After I traveled with them for awhile, I joined Chubby Cubby in Alaska (he was an old-time friend who'd retired in December of 2000). The snow was cold, however, and I had short fur, so I moved down to Chicago and took a job with the Chicago Bears (I coach their mascot).
Lilli: Thanks for coming, Black Bear! It's been an honor having you here on the show. I'd love to publish more of your stories sometime!
Black Bear: Anytime, Lilli. I'll see you later.

This and all other Build-A-Bear Buzz stories are Copyright (c) 2008 by the writer of this blog.
If you have a photo of Black Bear, please e-mail it to me for blog consideration at

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Build-A-Bearville's decline and how YOU can help

Attention faithful readers! I have finally become exasperated with Build-A-Bearville, watching them decline into a website that's depending heavily on Build-A-Bear sales. I've sent them an e-mail with my opinion on selling products through an online world. Please help me out! Send Build-A-Bear officials a quick note (or a long e-mail!) asking for Build-A-Bearville reform.
You can e-mail Build-A-Bear at You can also send e-mails through the Build-A-Bearville website. All it takes is 15 minutes of your time and a small effort. Please make the subject of your e-mail informative, such as "Build-A-Bearville for free?" or "Suggestions for Build-A-Bearville." (that way, they can see your topic at a glance)
Please help us out! Let's get this news around and make changes happen!

Build-A-Bearville Communities DO exist

So, I bet you're wondering.....where are all the social people? Build-A-Bearvillle was supposed to be a place for kids to play games AND hang out, but no one is hanging out. So? Where are the communities?

Turns out, there are at least three great Build-A-Bearville communities around. I'd like to introduce you to them - they rock!

  • Build-A-Bearville Blog: This is not just a blog. Frequent blog postings are EXTREMELY helpful and very well-written, and they serve as topics of conversation. Users ask questions, get answers, plan parties, and more! You can find this awesome community at

  • Build-A-Bearville Quest: I just joined this forum not too long ago; nevertheless, it looks like a great place to socialize. From what I've seen, it's also a forum for finding answers and having fun!!! You can find this helpful forum at

  • Build-A-Bear Cub Club: The Build-A-Bear Cub Club is a brand-new place for Build-A-Bearville members to gather. Once a week, the club goes out for an activity (such as Bear-to-Bear Baseball, a day at the beach, etc). Every month, one of the activities is a party! Joining is free, and only requires that you be a member of Build-A-Bearville (with a bear) and a member of Wordpress. You can find this fun club at

Those are my favorite three places to hang out. I hope to see you at one of them!

I'll see you on Thursday, when we'll interview another one of Build-A-Bear's very first bears. See you then!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Topaz Teddy...

Build-A-Bear has released their latest in the line of Gem of a Friend, Treasured Topaz Teddy. And although the fur is soft and the face is cute, this bear's color is a wee bit off. Bright yellow is adorable and white is precious, but this in-between color makes matching outfits difficult.

Depending on why you go to Build-A-Bear, this bear is a great idea or a real flunk. Topaz is the birthstone for November, but...well, by November this bear will have retired. Fluffy for those little kids to hug, but not great when buying fashions. A great smile spreads across her face, but it somewhat mimicks that of Kisses fur You Teddy, Gem of a Friend Precious Pink Teddy, A Friend for All Seasons Winter Teddy, and the like.
Personally, I don't think Build-A-Bear picked the right color or time of year for this bear. Otherwise, I think another bear is a cute idea.
I'll see you on Tuesday for my blog on a new Build-A-Bearville club, and on Thursday for another episode of "Bears of the Past."
CU then!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 1: Baby Bears

If you have a photo of Baby's First Blue or Baby's First Pink, please send it to for use in this article!

Welcome to my new seiries, Bears of the Past. For the next few weeks, we'll be looking at Part I: The First Bears, in which we'll interview some of the very first Build-A-Bears ever released.

Today, we have two special guests to interview: Baby's First Blue and Baby's First Pink. So, without further ado, here they are!

Lilli: Hello! Welcome to Build-A-Bear Buzz!
Blue: Hey Lilli!
Pink: Hi, Lilli!
Blue: I'd just like to start by saying what a priviledge it is to be here on your "show."
Pink: You have a wonderful place here!
Lilli: Thanks, but let's cut to the chase. Why don't you each start with telling us a little about yourseves?
Pink: Well, we're identical except for our noses (mine is pink!) and the color thread they used to stitch our paws. I guess that kinda makes us twins!
Blue: Yeah! We were both released in October 1997 with several other bears. We were reccomended for kids ages 3 and under.
Lilli: That's a good idea. I understand that you weren't the smallest bears, either.
Pink: Oh, no! We're 14 inches tall. The smallest bear released in October of 1997 was Classic Brown Teddy, who was only 11 inches.
Blue: I really enjoyed being one of the only bears especially made for younger kids.
Pink: Me too. I didn't want to retire so soon!
Lilli: When did you retire?
Blue: We had to leave about six months after our arrival - June of 1998.
Pink: We were the second set of bears to retire, and weren't replaced until Cuddly Teddy Blue and Cuddly Teddy Pink were released in January of 2002.
Lilli: That's all the time we have for today. Thanks so much for letting me interview you!
Blue: Sure, Lilli!
Pink: Thanks! Bye!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Be 100% Pawsome enters Environmentally Savvy phase

Build-A-Bear's latest great idea, Be 100% Pawsome, was created to encourage kids into great lives. The first month, March 2008, was "Be Pawsome in your Community" month. (Build-A-Bear Buzz post "Build-A-Bear's newest way of helping kids.") This month, Build-A-Bear focuses on the classic theme of "staying green" with their newest phase, "Be Pawsome to the Environment."

Build-A-Bear's April program came with a brand-new recycling center for Build-A-Bearville, as well as a new booklet for participants to fill out and return to Build-A-Bear by May 31st. By the time participants have finished this month's challenge, the'll have talked over such issues as energy-conserving lightbulbs and paper-plasic-aluminum recycling, as well as creating bird feeders. Most will probably have recycled some Build-A-Bearville "trash" by the end of the month as well.

The positive impact of this program is amazing, and Build-A-Bear does a great job of handling the idea. Family time, money-saving, animal-helping....I'm all for those great ideas. Build-A-Bear doesn't drag in any issues about Global Warming, acid rain, and the like - those issues are just too complicated for kids, and they're much too controversial. All in all, I'm really excited about this month's program. I think it's way better than last month's program.

I would love to hear stories from people going through this program. If you're doing it yourself, or if you're going through it with your kids, or whatnot, send me an e-mail at
I'll see all of you on Thursday for the debut of "Bears of the Past."
See you then,

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Build-a-Bearville advances in technology

Build-a-Bearville's creators decided to add a new technological feature. It's one you'll find in many online worlds, whether you go to Barbie or GirlSense. I'm talking about the e-mail feature.

Yes, it's now possible to stay in touch with all those on your friends list! With a click of a Build-A-Bearville icon, you can send Bear Mail to any and all of your Build-A-Bearville friends (no e-mail outside Build-A-Bearville). What's more, this system is filtered - all Bear Mail goes through the same "Security Test" your whispers and shouts go through. Build-A-Bearville also took the concept of attachments to the next level: add in Bear Bucks, furniture, clothes, or whatever else you want to give. Pretty smart, huh?

That's not Build-A-Bearville's only new feature! When you visit someone's Cub Condo, your bear will wander at will. Much better than the mechanical bear-follows-you-everywhere technique. The disappointment? Your bears no longer dance with you. :(

Nevertheless, Build-A-Bearville has yet another - similar - upgrade. Now, you can see your friends' bears while you visit their Cub Condo!

These upgrades bring with them a couple of bugs to watch out for:

  • Bear-at-the-door bug: Your Build-A-Bear (or someone else's) is stuck standing next to the door.

  • Walking in place: Your Build-A-Bear begins the walk motion but has nowhere to go. FIX: Walk to the square in front of your Build-A-Bear, then walk around the room until your bear is unstuck. Or just watch the funny little bear walking nowhere. ;)

That's my post for today. On Tuesday, I'll post on the newest segment of the Build-A-Bear Be 100% Pawsome program.

On Thursday, I'll start my new seiries titled Bears of the Past. This seiries will tell all about the bears released between 1997 and 2004, from Baby's First Blue to Rudolph. (and I'll include some from 2005, too!)

I'll see you on Tuesday!


Thursday, April 3, 2008

Build-A-Bearville decorating for parties and more

Lilli's Whimsical Post: Cub Condo interior decorating
Hey all! Lilli here, your guide to Cub Condo decorating. (of course, I'm referring to the virtual Cub Condos on Build-A-Bearville) I'll start out by telling you a few tips - you know, I expect you all to be trendsetters and follow what you want.
So, here we go!
  • Many users theme their bear's rooms. A bear named "Snowflake," for example, might have a light blue room with a snowflake bed. One of my sisters (remember, I'm a Curly Teddy!) is named "Peppermint." Her bedroom includes a pink bed, candy-cane chairs and a red table, a candy-cane dresser, pink tile and pink walls. (it looks a little like an Ice Cream Parlor, actually!)

  • When decorating for a party, let yourself off the hook! Put as many balloons in your front room as is possible, don't forget about cake and pizza, and paint your walls a bright color!!

  • When decorating with a classy style in mind, swirly carpets in not-so-bright colors look like hotel waiting rooms. When decorating with a homey or sweet style in mind, use hardwood floors and pastel or earth-tone wallpaper. (in the light flower pattern) Don't forget about color association; blue and brown make a user feel differently then peach and brown.

  • And finally, buy furnature that fits!!

I hope that helps you get started on your designing - so go design away!!! E-mail me at with snapshots of your designs, and I may post them in a later blog post!

See you on Saturday for the main post on the latest Build-A-Bear news,


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April surprises!!!

How time flies! Build-A-Bear has already released their April calendar, even though it seems like just yesterday that they released the one for March. This month's calendar cooperates with my computer! (no loading problems this month!!) So, without further ado, here are some of the events to keep your eyes open for:

As you can see, Build-A-Bear's new theme seems to be "one." Though I'm not against that number in any way, I don't think it should define some of Build-A-Bear's fun events! Read more later this month to hear details on each of these events.

So, that's the latest news. Tune in next time to hear Lilli say....if you don't know what I'm referancing, Build-a-Bear needs to come out with some VeggieTales bears. ;)

See you on Thursday,


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Build-A-Bearville goes green

Build-A-Bear promised to create a website that would teach kids to become good citizens and connect them with hundreds of other kids. This April, that vision will become reality.

We all know about the Build-A-Bear "Be 100% Pawsome" program. And we know that Build-A-Bearville is an extremely popular site. So, on April 1st, Build-A-Bearville will prove to the world that it is an exceptionally influencial website that is not something to be ignored!

Build-A-Bearville is bringing in an online recycling facility.

Now, that may not sound exciting for us right now. After all, it's just a pretend place for people to store their pretend trash, right? But if the kids on the site see recycling as just another everyday activity (or something to help the environment), more kids will start recycling. That's great for our environment. It's also great because God has told us to take care of His earth.
I can't wait to see the positive influence created by this addition to Build-A-Bearville. Recycling is awesome, a great practice, and turning it into fun is a great idea.
And if you don't know what recycling is good for, do a Google search on it. ;)

I'll see you on Tuesday for my post on Build-A-Bear's April lineup, and on Thursday for my Whimsical Post on Build-A-Bearville interior design.
Toodeeloo! (That word is SOOOO COOOOL!)


Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Build-a-Bearville Fashions arrive

The newest Build-a-Bearville fashions have arrived at the Pawlette Coufur boutique, designed by Miss Coufur herself. From skirts to tanks, from hats to bags, these fashions are sure to rock your world.

For starters, Pawlett has created a set of girly top-and-skirt outfits to match your style. Whether it's hearts or swirls, polka-dots or modern squares, these are sure to jazz up your favorite outfit. If you prefer shorts, Pawlette has designed some athletic teeny shorts for you. If you don't like wearing halter tops (as many of the new tops are), you can pick out your favorite tank top from Pawlette's new selection. The possibilities are endless - but most require some compromised modesty.

Personally, as a modest dresser, I would rather not wear them. There are plenty of choices in the Build-A-Bearville fashion world that are much more modest. With a little creativity, you can create endless possibilities that suggest nothing but "Trendy Girl" to all you meet. (see my March 6th post on Build-A-Bearville Trends for ideas)
That's my two-cents for 2day! (at least, until Saturday's post!) Toodeeloo!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Build-A-Bear stock plunges

As we watch the fall of the economy due to our over-spending, we can also see the decline of a favorite toy store: Build-A-Bear Workshop. Stock values have declined drastically, from a high of $31 to the current $8.84. A look at the price chart from NASDAQ reveals the tragic yet full-of-suspense journey this stock has made.

Investors in late December saw their stock at $16 - only half its spring value. Then, on December 13 - before Christmas! - the stock went down to $14. For the rest of December, it fluctuated from $14 to $15. This was surely keeping the investors on the edge of their seats, just waiting for their stock to recover - it never did. On Christmas Eve, the stock was stable - only a $0.02 difference between the high of the day and the low of the day, and was worth about $15. It was the eye of the hurricane - a false peace. That was the last day Build-A-Bear stock was worth $15, and February 4th was the last day (to date) that the stock rested at $14. On Valentine's Day, the stock dropped opened at $11.02 and closed at $10.34. And in March, the stock dropped from $11.76 on March 3rd to $8.91 on March 22.

Investors must hope that the stock recovers soon: if Build-A-Bear's stock continues to take this path, as many stocks have suffered this winter, the value may be down to null.

See you on Thursday for my Whimsical Post,

~ Lilli

Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, stock values are the high values of the given date. Values found at the NASDAQ online archive of Build-A-Bear's stock values over the past year.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another pink bear.....released in March?!

The rose-colored teddy looks innocently at you from behind the store glass at Build-a-Bear Workshop. "Don't blame me!" she says, "I wanted to see you on Valentine's Day!"
Henceforth is writ the traigic tale of the forgotten pink teddy bears released after Valentine's Day!
Seriously, though, I do find the late release of these bears to be a bit sad. You see, Build-A-Bear has a tradition of releasing a pink bear with heart-print fur. Only, they release these bears not in February, but in late March or early April. The end of winter. It's almost as if Build-A-Bear forgot to release a bear every year.
This year is no different.
The victim: Pink Hearts Teddy. A soft pink with white hearts delicately sprinkled across her fur, this bear would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift. A belated gift, anyways, since she's being released four days after winter officially ends. Why, oh why, Build-A-Bear, do you so forget your cutest teddies?
One of my own bears is a forgotten pink teddy bear. Kisses fur You Teddy, released only a few years ago, is adorable. She is now on the path to retirement, as Build-A-Bear makes room for their (newer) cute teddy.
So go - one and all - and buy your pink teddies. But do not forget that these teddies are diamonds in the rough: the teddies forgotten by Build-A-Bear but not by the fans.
I'll see you on Tuesday, when I report about the Build-A-Bear stocks, and on Thursday when I have my whimsical post!
Until Tuesday!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Outfits multi-task, too!

Lilli's Whimsical Blog Post:
Saving your $$ without sacrificing your bear's wardrobe

Hellloooo faithful readers, and welcome to LILLI'S WHIMSICAL BLOG POST!! Today, we'll be taking over how your outfits can double as other outfits.
Let's cut to the chase: we all want to spend less and get more. So here's a few tips on re-using outfits:
  • Buy PJs the smart way - look for tops that can be re-used as ordinary shirts. Out of all the girls' pajamas Build-A-Bear has to offer right now, just about all look like they'd have acceptable tops. The Cute Frog PJs, Glamour Girl PJs, Hello Kitty Princess PJs, and Chicks Rule PJs are especially cute as ordinary wear.

  • Baby stuff isnt just for babies! The cute onesies are perfect as pajamas - especially the Baby Cub Sleeper. The booties make adorable slippers. Diapers double as underwear. The possibilities are endless!

  • Boxers or PJ pants? No one will know those are bear underwear - just slip a pair of colorful Bear Boxers onto your bear for purr-fect PJ pants. Just don't use white or grey. :)

  • Ballerinas can dress up, too. Who says the Ballerina Outfit can't be a formal dress? That's what I use for my Christmas and Easter dress, and it works great. Even better - the Pink Fairy Gem Dress, above, has detatchable wings!

  • Get creative! Multi-tasking isn't hard once you get the hang of it. So dive in and start tasking!

Thanks for reading - see you this Saturday for my main post!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Build-a-Bear springs into fun (and money-saving techniques)

Build-A-Bear just sent out their new catalog. Titled, "Spring into Fun," the catalog features a new cover layout with three pictures instead of just one (though they all feature Read Teddy). Aside from Read Teddy, nineteen other bears were pictured at least once in the catalog. Here are some other fun statistics for the spring catalog versus the Christmas 2007 catalog:
  • Five of the nineteen spring bears recieved full-page coverage, not counting the cover. Compare this to the Winter 2007 catalog, where twenty-eight different bears were pictured but only six recieved their own page.

  • Out of the five who recieved full-page coverage in the spring issue, two were seasonal bears and one was new. The other two were made up of one best-seller (Bunny Big Ears) and one "experimental" bear (Triceritops, brought in from the Build-a-Dino line). Out of the six who had their own page in the winter issue, only two were new - the rest were modeling new fashions.

  • In the winter issue, five out of the thirty-four pictures had bears interacting with each other. In the spring issue, none of the bears shared their picture. This isn't the best move for Build-a-Bear, since the thought of two BFF bears was quite appealing and created warm fuzzies.

  • Out of the twenty-two outfits pictured in the spring issue, seventeen were girl outfits but only five were for boys. Out of the thirty-seven outfits pictured in the winter issue, twenty-two were girl outfits. This is understandable, since their target market is 10-year-old girls.
But what observant fans will note most is the cost cuts Build-A-Bear has placed on this season's catalog. The paper isn't shiney. There are eight fewer pages than the winter catalog. And there are only six non-white backgrounds instead of eight.
But these are minor drawbacks. Everyone should just be happy to get their catalog and leave it at that. :)
See you Thursday for my whimsical post on multi-tasking outfits!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Adorable Elephant makes her debut

If you've been to the Build-A-Bear website recently, I'm sure you've seen ads about their newest bear, Adorable Elephant. And she is adorable. Short, gray fur and floppy ears makes this elephant cute in almost any outfit - especially pinks and other light colors. For the money-motivated, Build-A-Bear has included 3,000 Bear Bucks (Build-A-Bearville currency) into the deal. She's a great size, even - 16 inches. But for those of you looking for a less-expensive bear, she's a bit on the high side for a Build-A-Bear - $20. The Nevertheless, I'd say the price is worth it. She's just as cute (or cuter than) several of the other bears priced similiarily, and if you've got an extra $5 to spend on a bear I'd buy her.

As to her lineage, Build-A-Bear elephants have quite an interesting history. Floppy Elephant, Adorable Elephant's predecessor, was the first of its kind, introduced in April of 2001. Floppy Elephant, though cute, was considerably less cute than the new bear because of its dark fur. This elephant stayed with Build-A-Bear for two years, until Build-A-Bear retired it May of 2003. As far as I know, there haven't been any elephants since then. But Build-A-Bear has bounced back the idea, and it's sure to be a sucess.

If you think Adorable Elephant is cute in that picture, wait until you see others of her! But here's what's in the picture for this post:
16" Adorable Elephant
Heart Tank
Pink Skirt
Pink Gem Flip Flops
White Quilted Purse

On Tuesday, I'll blog on Build-A-Bear's spring catalog. On Thursday, (for my whimsical post) I'll talk about how to multi-task outfits.
Thanks for reading today's blog!! Come back soon!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Build-A-Bear adds new fashions to their collection

Lilli's Whimsical Blog Post: New Fashions

As the title says, this post is about Build-A-Bear's newest fashions. I'm going to list them for you as best I can (since they're merged into the rest of Build-A-Bear's fashions). I don't guarantee I'll get them all, or that I'll be right, since I'm going off memory.

Here are the latest Build-A-Bear fashions - each name links to the corresponding BABW page, and I've included all the original descriptions. I've organized them in the way you'll find them on the BABW website, and in the order they appear in their category. Limited Too items are not found in Fashion Sets - I've put them in their own category.


Fashion Sets

No description on website; it looks like a pink hoodie with silver guitars on it and some pink and yellow plaid sweatpants.

"Cute black & white floral top with black pants."

"Cute purple floral smock top with denim cuffed jeans."

"Pawsome set includes white babydoll style top, matching skinny leg jeans and denim purse."

"Rockin' purple layered tank with matching denim skirt.

"Hannah Montana tee with matching denim jeans.©Disney"

"Pawsome outfit includes blue racecar tee and denim pocket jeans."

"Dino Safari design raglan shirt with matching tire tracks denim jeans."

"Wild leopard print 2fer shrug with matching dark denim fringe skirt."

"Pawfect paisley design pink and purple top with matching ear bow and denim pants."

"Pink ruffle button up top with beary cute pink plaid capris."

"Furbulous navy blue top with white cuffs and scalloped collar with red and blue plaid skirt."

"Sporty camo shirt with All-Star Varsity Team design and brown cargo pants with zip off legs that change into shorts. "

"Set includes pink and white Girls Rule! Top with matching camo pink skirt."



No description on website; it looks like a fushia dress with a circular, rhinestoned collar.

No description on website; it looks like a red and white floral print babydoll with red and white plaid trim, and some white pants to go with it.

No description on website; it looks like a halter dress with a fairy-type skirt and some removable wings, all in shades of pink with some rhinestones sprinkled throughout.

"Pretty white satin dress with a matching veil." (it looks like a variation on their wedding dress)


Limited Too

"White tunic top with metallic silver polka dots and denim capri pants."

"White top with butterfly design and matching drawstring green pants."

"Beary stylish cream knit sweater with dark denim jeans."

"Cute set includes dark blue tank with blue plaid trim and matching plaid pants."


Everyday Tops & Tees

"Fuchsia top with Pawsome Pink Bunny and flowers design."

"Blue tank with Big Surf design."

"Light blue button down shirt with collar and multi-colored stripe design."

"Brown ringer with BABW® Off-Roadin' design."

"Cheetah print tank with The Cheetah Girls logo & photo design.

"Fuchsia tee with white trim & bows and Hello Kitty® design."

"Pink & white layered Tee with Hello Kitty® guitar design."

"White & grey tee with black sleeves and skateboarder design."

"Pretty pink and white halter top with gem accents."



"Beary cute pink corduroy skirt with sequin trim."

"Classic black corduroy skirt."

34. Rhinestone Denim Skirt

"Cool denim skirt with neat pleats and rhinestone highlights."

35. White Ruffle Skirt

"Classic white skirt with ruffled trim."


Swim Shop

"Blue swim trunks with multi-colored stripes and wave design."

"Pink leopard print 2 piece swim suit with matching bag and beach towel."

"Fun fruit design one piece swimsuit with matching towel. Set also includes goggles and beach ball."

"Super cool swimsuit has yellow, pink, orange and gold stripes and a matching sarong."

"Rockin' red board shorts with skull print."

So, there's the 40 fashions!!! Hope you like my list!

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