Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fashion Forcast

Spring fashions are exploding into Build-A-Bear stores. For the last two months, Build-A-Bear has been steadily releasing their spring collection, complete with countless new outfits. Build-A-Bear has been following the latest trends: Camo stuff for Hello Kitty, sparkles added to every outfit, an adorable Tye Dye Bubble Outfit has been released, denim wear is increasing in popularity, and your sweet teddy bears can wear a skull-and-crossbones t-shirt. (EW!) I think all those outfits are cute (except for the last one.) Their theme with their new dresses is bright pink: Fushia Bubble Dress and Floral Belted Dress are vibrant. The softer Gingham print is more desirable, in my opinon. (so it's good they've released it!) Sparkles are SO in. Build-A-Bear seems to have more shimmery, sparkley things than last year. And for the Limited Too girls, Build-A-Bear Limited Too merchandise has gone to skirts. A final note to notice is the increase of Hannah Montana stuff for bears - but I suppose that will only last as long as the show.

So, this year we may expect the slow death of the Hello Kitty wear, the dawn of brighter pinks and tons of sequins, and more cute bear skirts!

See you on Saturday for my weekend post.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leap Day and an awesome givaway!

Hello again! As you should know, this year is a leap year - that meansBuild-A-Bear has a special givaway. (they don't miss a thing!) So, lend an ear (or an eye) and I'll tell you more...

Plan your trip to Build-A-Bear workshop to coincide with this year's "Leap Day," (February 29 to March 3rd) and you can have a cute T-shirt for yourself - with, of course, a purchase of $15 or more. I'm just glad Build-A-Bear is having one of their "givaways," and that they're finally giving your virtual Build-A-Bearville bears clothes other than the default outfit. Yes, when you recieve a Leap Day t-shirt, you also can bring a matching t-shirt into Build-A-Bearville for your furry friends. But there's more - your virtual character in Build-A-Bearville will also recieve a t-shirt. Triple win! This may be one of the best givaways in a long time.
Speaking of Leap Day, Build-A-Bear is creating special gift certificates to commemerate this rare holiday. Every furry friend made on February 29, 2008, will recieve a "Leap Day" birth certificate. And unless you end up spending $14 or less (which is rare at a Build-A-Bear store), you'll get the free t-shirt too.
One more note before I go - stop by Beremy any time between or on February 29th and March 3rd (in Build-A-Bearville) to get a free "Leap" move!
My next post will be this Thursday - toodles for now!
Shown in photo:
The only picture I can find of the "Leap Day" t-shirt. Picture from

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another spring bear, mini-posts for Build-A-Bear Buzz

With four bears released in the month of February so far, (Year of the Mouse, Groundhog, Lucky fur You Teddy, and Pawsome Pink Bunny) while still trying to sell out of last year's Springtime Fun Bunny, what could Build-A-Bear want next? A fifth brand-new bear, of course.

For all bird lovers, the moment of the year has come! Build-A-Bear's "Happy Chick" is descendant of "Spring Chick" (releasaed in February 2004) and various other "Spring Chicks" released after 2004. Happy Chick, however, has arrived looking more yellow and happy than ever! Build-A-Bear lightened up Happy Chick's fur to give it more of an appealing look, and put white swirls through to boost. She looks especially cute in Build-A-Bear's Flower Egg Outfit, and her ultra-soft fur would make her the perfect gift for a young child. All in all, I find this a big improvement to this somewhat-annual event. Of course, Build-A-Bear has once again decided to bribe you with Bear Bucks for your Build-A-Bearville account: 1,000 Bear Bucks for every Happy Chick you own, plus exclusive Happy Chick Build-A-Bearville wallpaper and an exclusive animal adventure. The bribing may be wrong - bears should be chosen because they "speak to you," not because they will bring "monetary" gain - but they hit the nail on the head when designing this adorable furry friend.

And, of course, the current virtual (Build-A-Bearville) Bear Builder Associate is still Spring Chick. ;)

So, where's the rest of the post? Check back later this week - I've broken this week's post up into mini-posts for Saturday (Today), Tuesday, and Thursday!


Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Newest Easter Bunny has arrived!

The newest edition to the Build-A-Bear family has soft fur, ears bigger than her head, and a new limited edition dress. She is hailed by Build-A-Bearville and by the Build-A-Bear website. What I just said made her sound like any other springtime bunny, but I haven't told all. She's really something special.

She's an out-of-the box idea for Build-a-Bear - a tester. Out of the five bunnies released between January 2000 and February 2005, four were brown and one was white. This new bunny's sales will pave the way for future bunnies. She will show Build-A-Bear whether unusual bunnies are profitable.

The newest bunny is pink.

Yes, pink! Pawsome Pink Bunny (I wonder where they got the name!!) was released on February 15th, and she's all the buzz on and Build-A-Bearville. Not surprising, since Build-A-Bear is anxious to sell their newest idea. I always like it when Build-A-Bear is creative, so I'm pretty happy about this new bunny. However, I really wish that they'd name it more creatively!

On another note, Build-A-Bearville has brand-new fashions available at the Pawlette Coufur Boutique. If you like crazy stripes, leopard-print ballet flats, and beanies worn in the middle of summer, these fasions are just what you're looking for. If you're like the rest of us, you'll stick with the old fashions. Needless to say, I haven't seen anyone in Build-A-Bearville wearing the newest "trends."

Our final topic will be the Ultimate Build-A-Bearville Sweepstakes. Yes, Build-A-Bear has started yet another of their sweepstakes, but you may want to sit up and take notice of this one: the prize is worth $10,000, and it's not in Build-A-Parties or Build-A-Bear merchandise. It's what Build-A-Bear calls a "Home Technology Center," and it includes a brand-new computer, brand-new music equipment, brand-new furniture and $3,000 for "tax assistance as a result of prize acceptance." Wow! This is one you may want to enter.
See you next Saturday!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Valentine's Day Dance and new bears

Build-A-Bearville is celebrating Valentine's Day all this week with the Valentine's Day Dance! Head right down to the Pawforming Art Center and join in the fun! If you'd like to show off your new "moves," head down to the Build-A-Bear town center and click on Beremy to recieve a Valentine's Day dance disco move.

Notice all the Valentine's day decorations!!!! Build-A-Bearville is full of hearts, balloons, and banners.

Build-A-Bearville has another change: this one shows Build-A-Bear's attention to every detail. The newest Bear Associate at the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop is Build-A-Bear's up-and-coming Limited Edition Bunny, to arrive in real stores February 15. Watch in future posts for updates on this!

In stores, Build-A-Bear has released their St. Patrick's Day bear: Lucky fur You Teddy arrived February 8th. Creamy, slightly off-white fur sprinkled with three-leaf clovers makes this teddy a cute addition to the Build-A-Bear family. Released with it is Build-A-Bear's annual supply of St. Patrick's Day outfits, from an Irish Dancer dress to green bear jammies. Also included is the ever-popular Leprechaun outfit, this year being in tones of black and green.

Also, Build-A-Bear is celebrating the Chinese New Year with their slim but cute Year of the Mouse. (yes, it is really named that) A sandy-colored mouse with a few wiskers is just the thing to commemorate the year of the Rat....or so Build-A-Bear figures. I don't suppose too many mothers will be too happy about a little bear that looks a bit like a rat.

That's all for now! Until next week,

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Groundhog Day!

(above image from

Happy Groundhog Day, Build-A-Bear lovers! It's Groundhog Day, the biggest weather prediction of the year. Of course, Build-A-Bear would not miss this event for the world - they celebrated by releasing a Groundhog in late January, to retire today. And as we bid goodbye to our furry friend, we also bid goodbye to six weeks of warm weather - for the virtual Groundhog on has seen his shadow. Yes, in Build-a-Bearville, the ultimate Build-A-Bear town online, they have a groundhog! Just look in the Friendship Forest Cave, near the bongo drums. There's a little cave that you can click on and view the video.

Stuff fur Stuff members, be sure to enter the Stuff fur Stuff Club Appreciation Days sweepstakes! The prize is a 32" tall Hearts-fur-You puppy. No purchase necessary, but a purchase made on your Stuff fur Stuff card before February 4th will automatically enter you into the contest.

And lastly, for every $1 you spend on Build-A-Bear products in-store or online you will recieve $100 in Bear Bucks on Build-a-Bearville! So spend on - I have a feeling Bear Buck inflation may become a problem sometime soon.
Interested in the cute picture, above? Here's what's included in your online order of Furbulous Forcast Groundhog from
That sums up this week - tune in next week for a report on Valentine's Day!

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