Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Be 100% Pawsome enters Environmentally Savvy phase

Build-A-Bear's latest great idea, Be 100% Pawsome, was created to encourage kids into great lives. The first month, March 2008, was "Be Pawsome in your Community" month. (Build-A-Bear Buzz post "Build-A-Bear's newest way of helping kids.") This month, Build-A-Bear focuses on the classic theme of "staying green" with their newest phase, "Be Pawsome to the Environment."

Build-A-Bear's April program came with a brand-new recycling center for Build-A-Bearville, as well as a new booklet for participants to fill out and return to Build-A-Bear by May 31st. By the time participants have finished this month's challenge, the'll have talked over such issues as energy-conserving lightbulbs and paper-plasic-aluminum recycling, as well as creating bird feeders. Most will probably have recycled some Build-A-Bearville "trash" by the end of the month as well.

The positive impact of this program is amazing, and Build-A-Bear does a great job of handling the idea. Family time, money-saving, animal-helping....I'm all for those great ideas. Build-A-Bear doesn't drag in any issues about Global Warming, acid rain, and the like - those issues are just too complicated for kids, and they're much too controversial. All in all, I'm really excited about this month's program. I think it's way better than last month's program.

I would love to hear stories from people going through this program. If you're doing it yourself, or if you're going through it with your kids, or whatnot, send me an e-mail at buildabearbuzz@gmail.com
I'll see all of you on Thursday for the debut of "Bears of the Past."
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