Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another pink bear.....released in March?!

The rose-colored teddy looks innocently at you from behind the store glass at Build-a-Bear Workshop. "Don't blame me!" she says, "I wanted to see you on Valentine's Day!"
Henceforth is writ the traigic tale of the forgotten pink teddy bears released after Valentine's Day!
Seriously, though, I do find the late release of these bears to be a bit sad. You see, Build-A-Bear has a tradition of releasing a pink bear with heart-print fur. Only, they release these bears not in February, but in late March or early April. The end of winter. It's almost as if Build-A-Bear forgot to release a bear every year.
This year is no different.
The victim: Pink Hearts Teddy. A soft pink with white hearts delicately sprinkled across her fur, this bear would make a perfect Valentine's Day gift. A belated gift, anyways, since she's being released four days after winter officially ends. Why, oh why, Build-A-Bear, do you so forget your cutest teddies?
One of my own bears is a forgotten pink teddy bear. Kisses fur You Teddy, released only a few years ago, is adorable. She is now on the path to retirement, as Build-A-Bear makes room for their (newer) cute teddy.
So go - one and all - and buy your pink teddies. But do not forget that these teddies are diamonds in the rough: the teddies forgotten by Build-A-Bear but not by the fans.
I'll see you on Tuesday, when I report about the Build-A-Bear stocks, and on Thursday when I have my whimsical post!
Until Tuesday!

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