Saturday, March 15, 2008

Adorable Elephant makes her debut

If you've been to the Build-A-Bear website recently, I'm sure you've seen ads about their newest bear, Adorable Elephant. And she is adorable. Short, gray fur and floppy ears makes this elephant cute in almost any outfit - especially pinks and other light colors. For the money-motivated, Build-A-Bear has included 3,000 Bear Bucks (Build-A-Bearville currency) into the deal. She's a great size, even - 16 inches. But for those of you looking for a less-expensive bear, she's a bit on the high side for a Build-A-Bear - $20. The Nevertheless, I'd say the price is worth it. She's just as cute (or cuter than) several of the other bears priced similiarily, and if you've got an extra $5 to spend on a bear I'd buy her.

As to her lineage, Build-A-Bear elephants have quite an interesting history. Floppy Elephant, Adorable Elephant's predecessor, was the first of its kind, introduced in April of 2001. Floppy Elephant, though cute, was considerably less cute than the new bear because of its dark fur. This elephant stayed with Build-A-Bear for two years, until Build-A-Bear retired it May of 2003. As far as I know, there haven't been any elephants since then. But Build-A-Bear has bounced back the idea, and it's sure to be a sucess.

If you think Adorable Elephant is cute in that picture, wait until you see others of her! But here's what's in the picture for this post:
16" Adorable Elephant
Heart Tank
Pink Skirt
Pink Gem Flip Flops
White Quilted Purse

On Tuesday, I'll blog on Build-A-Bear's spring catalog. On Thursday, (for my whimsical post) I'll talk about how to multi-task outfits.
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