Saturday, March 29, 2008

Build-A-Bearville goes green

Build-A-Bear promised to create a website that would teach kids to become good citizens and connect them with hundreds of other kids. This April, that vision will become reality.

We all know about the Build-A-Bear "Be 100% Pawsome" program. And we know that Build-A-Bearville is an extremely popular site. So, on April 1st, Build-A-Bearville will prove to the world that it is an exceptionally influencial website that is not something to be ignored!

Build-A-Bearville is bringing in an online recycling facility.

Now, that may not sound exciting for us right now. After all, it's just a pretend place for people to store their pretend trash, right? But if the kids on the site see recycling as just another everyday activity (or something to help the environment), more kids will start recycling. That's great for our environment. It's also great because God has told us to take care of His earth.
I can't wait to see the positive influence created by this addition to Build-A-Bearville. Recycling is awesome, a great practice, and turning it into fun is a great idea.
And if you don't know what recycling is good for, do a Google search on it. ;)

I'll see you on Tuesday for my post on Build-A-Bear's April lineup, and on Thursday for my Whimsical Post on Build-A-Bearville interior design.
Toodeeloo! (That word is SOOOO COOOOL!)


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