Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 5: Curly Bear

Good morning, Thursday readers! Today we have one of my favorite guests, Curly Bear! She was one of the original 1997 bears, too. Here she is!

Curly bear: Hello, Lilli!

Lilli: Hi, Curly Bear! I'm excited to have you on the show - you know, I'm a Curly Teddy!

Curly Bear: Awesome! I do rememer Curly Bear II - she was introduced a few months before I retired. Apperently, the Curly seiries was quite popular.

Lilli: I think so. So, what was it like being a bear back in 1997?

Curly Bear: Tons of fun! I was an average-height bear (15 inches) and helped with cheerleading for the basketball teams! That was, of course, after Maxine locked up the store and the mall was closed.

Lilli: Fun!

Curly Bear: The best part was being a bear for a little girl. I tried on so many clothes - dresses, suits, uniforms, costumes - but I liked the ballerina and cheerleader outfits the best. I guess I'm a sports bear at heart!

Lilli: What kind of books did you enjoy reading?

Curly Bear: Lilli! We wouldn't normally have books! Thankfully, we found a bookstore eventually...I guess you've heard that I went down there twice a week, huh?

Lilli: Yup! I love reading, too.

Curly Bear: It's hard to be solitary after what us bears experienced: we were a whole family with tons of fun siblings! I did only go twice a week, and only on nights when the basketball team wasn't playing. Well, my favorite books were on sports and poetry. I did like the cookbooks occasionally - the idea of non-stuffed food fascinated me - but I really liked the pictures of real athletes trying their hardest, and poetry has continued to amaze me in its beauty.

Lilli: What did you do after you retired?

Curly Bear: Oh, that was easy! On Christmas of 2002 I recieved a ballerina outfit from the rest of the bears (it was a retired one, so Maxine didn't mind our taking it) as a retirement gift. That month, I set out on my own. I first asked advice from Pink and Blue (see Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 1) since they'd always been like parents to me. They told me to audition for New York Ballet, since I really wanted to dance! So I did. Now, I'm a proffessional.

Lilli: That's all the time we have for now. :( I'm sorry, Curly, but we'll have to wrap it up!

Curly: Bye, everyone! Thanks for reading!

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