Saturday, April 5, 2008

Build-a-Bearville advances in technology

Build-a-Bearville's creators decided to add a new technological feature. It's one you'll find in many online worlds, whether you go to Barbie or GirlSense. I'm talking about the e-mail feature.

Yes, it's now possible to stay in touch with all those on your friends list! With a click of a Build-A-Bearville icon, you can send Bear Mail to any and all of your Build-A-Bearville friends (no e-mail outside Build-A-Bearville). What's more, this system is filtered - all Bear Mail goes through the same "Security Test" your whispers and shouts go through. Build-A-Bearville also took the concept of attachments to the next level: add in Bear Bucks, furniture, clothes, or whatever else you want to give. Pretty smart, huh?

That's not Build-A-Bearville's only new feature! When you visit someone's Cub Condo, your bear will wander at will. Much better than the mechanical bear-follows-you-everywhere technique. The disappointment? Your bears no longer dance with you. :(

Nevertheless, Build-A-Bearville has yet another - similar - upgrade. Now, you can see your friends' bears while you visit their Cub Condo!

These upgrades bring with them a couple of bugs to watch out for:

  • Bear-at-the-door bug: Your Build-A-Bear (or someone else's) is stuck standing next to the door.

  • Walking in place: Your Build-A-Bear begins the walk motion but has nowhere to go. FIX: Walk to the square in front of your Build-A-Bear, then walk around the room until your bear is unstuck. Or just watch the funny little bear walking nowhere. ;)

That's my post for today. On Tuesday, I'll post on the newest segment of the Build-A-Bear Be 100% Pawsome program.

On Thursday, I'll start my new seiries titled Bears of the Past. This seiries will tell all about the bears released between 1997 and 2004, from Baby's First Blue to Rudolph. (and I'll include some from 2005, too!)

I'll see you on Tuesday!


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