Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother's Day at Build-A-Bear Workshop

Build-A-Bear has prepared their Mother's Day celebrations with much flourish and excitement - but no bribes. Yes, it looks like Build-A-Bear won't be dependant on Build-A-Bearville after all.

Build-A-Bear brought out a terrific promotion: a Mother's Day gift for your mom if you buy $15 worth of Build-A-Bear products - MAY 3&4 ONLY. No Bear Bucks bribes, no Build-A-Bearville T-shirts....just a gift for your mom to show how much you love her. Build-A-Bear is truly returning to their family values.

So, what's the gift? Build-A-Bear has really done their very best: they've designed a quality tote without a hint of Build-A-Bear. It looks like it's from Kohl's or JC Penny's, and it's something your mom will find both fashionable and useful. Of course, if your mom isn't the tote-carrying kind, she can always go to JC Penny for a shopping spree - that's right, Build-A-Bear includes a $10 off coupon for JC Penny with every fashion tote.

These factors not only encourage children to think of others - to think of their family - but they're great business ideas. In my area, this fashion tote would be totally "in." I wouldn't be surprised if it were popular in other areas, too! Not only that, but a coupon for JC Penny provides a business partner for Build-A-Bear and customers for JC Penny (as well as customers for Build-A-Bear).

The timing is also critical. It's before anyone will leave to go out-of-town for the holiday, yet close enough for the customers to be looking for a gift. It's perfect timing, and I can't wait to see the profits!

Build-A-Bear has reinforced their promotion with the usual holiday stuff - special shipping dates, pre-assembled bears you can order online, etc. - but this promotion should really boost their sales. I'm glad Build-A-Bear is having this promotion, and if I were available this weekend I'd go down there and spend tons of $$ at their store to support this great idea. You would be wise to do the same; Build-A-Bear needs tons of positive reinforcment!

Please contact Build-A-Bear if you are happy with this promotion, and thanks for reading my blog!!! Tune in on Tuesday to hear the May lineup for Build-A-Bear, and on Thursday we'll have a brief interview with....oh, just another bear of the past!!

Last but not least, Build-A-Bear Buzz will be shortening our articles for your sake starting this Tuesday. If you like the longer articles, please send a short note to - if we get enough responses, I might just start writing longer articles.



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