Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Accessories for Bears and Pets

Build-A-Bear recently came out with a new set of accessories: a dog backpack, a saddle, and new hats have all been introduced into the Build-A-Bear collection. Since Build-A-Bear hasn't announced this, I figured it'd be great to tell you.

Let's start with the pets section. No doubt you've noticed that Build-A-Bear has custom-made accessories for their stuffed dogs. This spring, Build-A-Bear came out with their Helping Paw Backpack, complete with zippered pockets and an "Assistance Dog" label (too bad they put "Dog" on the label; I can think of other animals who might be happy to own a backpack that looks like the Helping Paw backpack). No doubt this release is in connection with the author promotion: if you haven't heard, Build-A-Bearville will be hosting an author who wrote a book on assistance dogs.

Horse-lovers will be mad at me if I exclude this one: a brand-new Build-A-Bear saddle. Though not the first Build-A-Bear saddle to be released, it certainly is unique. It's made to accomodate a Build-A-Bear sitting in the saddle and a Build-A-Bear underneath the saddle, making it a double win for customers. The set comes with a matching bridle and cute stirrups, and it's all only for $6. Get it quick - this is one item I have a feeling Build-A-Bear will raise the price on.

In the way of bear accessories, Build-A-Bear's hats are my favorite. Build-A-Bear has re-released some of their old hats, yes, but they've also introduced some new ones (or ones that haven't been seen in awhile) that are too cute to miss. Take, for example, the Straw Floppy Hat. Though you may wonder why it's called "Straw Floppy Hat" instead of "Floppy Straw Hat," you can't wonder about how cute it'll look on your bear. Couple this hat with a Gingham dress or a pink-and-jeans outfit for a cute combination. Of course, I'm biased toward this hat because it reminds me of the hat Julie Andrews wore in The Sound of Music, which happens to be my favorite musical. :)

Other new accessories include a huge selection of purses and other hats (some made to mimick Build-A-Bearville clothes), but the accessories mentioned above were my favorites.

Thanks for reading my blog! Tune in on Thursday to read an interview with a fun-loving bear, and read up on Build-A-Bear news this Saturday during our main post. Thanks again and have a great day!


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