Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 3: Chubby Cubby

Hello again! Welcome back to Bears of the Past, Part I. We're interviewing some of Build-A-Bear's very first bears! With me today is Chubby Cubby. Hello, Chubby!

Chubby: umph....hello Lilli!
Lilli: What's that you're eating?
Chubby:'s jusht a shinamin row....mmmmph..
Lilli: Sounds good! Did you make it?
Chubby: No...muh Mrs. made i'.
Lilli: Chubby, our readers won't be able to understand you if you keep eating that. Now, why don't you tell us a little about Mrs. Cubby? She made the cinnamon roll, right? Is that what you just said?
Chubby: Umph.....orkay.....jusht let me finish this bite....MMM! Okay, I'll tell you about Mrs. Cubby, but we'll have to go back to my younger days.
Lilli: That's what I'm here for.
Chubby: Alright, alright. As you already know, I was the one of the first bears introduced to Build-A-Bear. We had a great time, we bears. We would sneak out of Build-A-Bear every night through the vents - you know, like you always see on TV! We'd stay inside the mall, except for holidays.
Lilli: That's awesome!
Chubby: Yeah! Well, on Thanksgiving (it was in 1999, I believe) we ran into a stray bear from another toy shop. After we led her back into the mall and to her shop, I couldn't forget her. It was another year and one month before I retired, but I saw her every day anyway. On the night before I retired, I ran straight to the toy shop where she was!
Lilli: And?
Chubby: And? I promised her a plane ride to Alaska, where some of her relatives lived and where I already wanted to retire. She agreed, and soon enough I was visiting her at her parents' house. We were married a month later.
Lilli: Great! Now, I still have some questions before you need to go home to Alaska.
Chubby: OK. Go ahead.
Lilli: Was it difficult climbing through the vents because of your size?
Chubby: No. Though I was the heaviest bear in the group, I was one of the shorter bears. Many of the bears were 15 to 20 inches tall, so I had it pretty easy at 12 inches tall. They were big vents, too.
Lilli: Did you feel hot in the mall, especially during the summer, because of your long fur?
Chubby: Yes, I must admit, it did get quite warm. No worries - there were other longhaired bears (though longhaired bears were certainly the minority) who would go to Dairy Queen to get ice cream. I would go with them. I can still make a pretty smooth ice cream cone!
Lilli: Anything else you'd like to say? We'll have to sum it up now.
Chubby: Well, I'd like to thank Mrs. Cubby, my good friend Black Bear and my sons Grizzly Bear and Shaggy Teddy. And I'd like to send a big thank you all the readers out there - you're awesome!
Lilli: I totally agree - THANK YOU READERS!!!!

Well, that's Chubby Cubby. I hope you enjoyed the interview! Join me this Saturday for my report on the "new" Black Lab. I'll see you then!
God bless!

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