Saturday, April 12, 2008

Topaz Teddy...

Build-A-Bear has released their latest in the line of Gem of a Friend, Treasured Topaz Teddy. And although the fur is soft and the face is cute, this bear's color is a wee bit off. Bright yellow is adorable and white is precious, but this in-between color makes matching outfits difficult.

Depending on why you go to Build-A-Bear, this bear is a great idea or a real flunk. Topaz is the birthstone for November, but...well, by November this bear will have retired. Fluffy for those little kids to hug, but not great when buying fashions. A great smile spreads across her face, but it somewhat mimicks that of Kisses fur You Teddy, Gem of a Friend Precious Pink Teddy, A Friend for All Seasons Winter Teddy, and the like.
Personally, I don't think Build-A-Bear picked the right color or time of year for this bear. Otherwise, I think another bear is a cute idea.
I'll see you on Tuesday for my blog on a new Build-A-Bearville club, and on Thursday for another episode of "Bears of the Past."
CU then!

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