Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 6: Curly Bunny

Good morning! It's Lilli, and I'm here with one of the predecessors of all Build-A-Bear Bunnies: Curly Bunny!

Curly Bunny: Hi!!!!!!!
Lilli: Curly Bunny, tell us a little about yourself.
Curly Bunny: Well, I look alot like Curly Teddy. We have exactly the same fur, we're both 15 inches tall, and we both have black eyes. It just goes to show you the truth of the old saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover": though we looked the same, we had two completely different personalities!
Lilli: Tell us a little about that.
Curly Bunny: I'm really super peppy!!! (Curly's a bit more...relaxed) She liked knitting, I liked jumping...but we made a great pair. We've been BFs ever since. Anyways, I was one of two bunnies released in October of 1997: Lil' Bunny (who's BF with Curly & me) and myself. Sadly, Lil' Bunny only made it to April '98 before they retired her. She was our first retirement. After her, they introduced Fluffy Bunny, Chocolate Bunny, Lil' Bunny II, Joyful Bunny, and many others in the spring collection. There was Pawlette Coufur, introduced in 1999, and Curly Bunny II, introduced with Curly Bear II in 2002. I only lasted two years after that - I left in December of 2004. Curly Bear had been retired two years earlier, shortly after Curly Bear II arrived.
Lilli: We're out of time for today - would you mind hosting our show next week? You'd interview Floppy Teddy.
Curly Bunny: I wouldn't mind at all! Sounds like fun! See y'all next week!

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