Saturday, April 19, 2008

Pawlette Coufur's Birthday Celebration

On April 22, Pawlette Coufur will celebrate yet another birthday. And though Build-A-Bear doesn't want to tell us how old Pawlette really is (girls are like that about birthdays), we are all invited to celebrate her ump-eenth birthday.

Pawlette began her celebration on April 16th in Build-A-Bearville, where she began her private showings of her newest designs. Pawlette's very first fashion show pulled off with a bang - users flock to the runway to receive their private showing of the newest stuff. From plaid to dresses, Pawlette really thought out-of-the-box for these clothes. She jazzed up her most popular shoes - ballet flats and high heels - and added in some new guy clothes. She also gave away a one-of-a-kind fashion bag to every show-goer, and many users proudly flash these bags in the Town Square.

Pawlette also celebrates her birthday in stores. Pawlette appears at every single Build-A-Bear store this weekend - you won't want to miss it! And as a gift to all the guests shopping in Build-A-Bear stores, Pawlette has created "Fashion Dog Tags" to be handed out to the paying guests.

Pawlette's birthday hails the first in-store givaway with (almost) no strings attached. A small Build-A-Bearville reward, yes, and overlapping with the Hannah Montanna Build-A-Bearville promotion. But seen by itself, this promotion could pave the way for more in-store events. We should support this whole-heartedly, since it may mean fewer Build-A-Bearville "bribes" and more in-store fun.

Happy Birthday Pawlette! :D :D :D :D

I'll see y'all on Tuesday, when I'll post on...well, that's a surprise. ;) On Thursday, we'll interview another one of Black Bear's old friends in "Bears of the Past, Part I."
See you then!

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