Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Build-a-Bear springs into fun (and money-saving techniques)

Build-A-Bear just sent out their new catalog. Titled, "Spring into Fun," the catalog features a new cover layout with three pictures instead of just one (though they all feature Read Teddy). Aside from Read Teddy, nineteen other bears were pictured at least once in the catalog. Here are some other fun statistics for the spring catalog versus the Christmas 2007 catalog:
  • Five of the nineteen spring bears recieved full-page coverage, not counting the cover. Compare this to the Winter 2007 catalog, where twenty-eight different bears were pictured but only six recieved their own page.

  • Out of the five who recieved full-page coverage in the spring issue, two were seasonal bears and one was new. The other two were made up of one best-seller (Bunny Big Ears) and one "experimental" bear (Triceritops, brought in from the Build-a-Dino line). Out of the six who had their own page in the winter issue, only two were new - the rest were modeling new fashions.

  • In the winter issue, five out of the thirty-four pictures had bears interacting with each other. In the spring issue, none of the bears shared their picture. This isn't the best move for Build-a-Bear, since the thought of two BFF bears was quite appealing and created warm fuzzies.

  • Out of the twenty-two outfits pictured in the spring issue, seventeen were girl outfits but only five were for boys. Out of the thirty-seven outfits pictured in the winter issue, twenty-two were girl outfits. This is understandable, since their target market is 10-year-old girls.
But what observant fans will note most is the cost cuts Build-A-Bear has placed on this season's catalog. The paper isn't shiney. There are eight fewer pages than the winter catalog. And there are only six non-white backgrounds instead of eight.
But these are minor drawbacks. Everyone should just be happy to get their catalog and leave it at that. :)
See you Thursday for my whimsical post on multi-tasking outfits!

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