Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pawsome Panda arrives and Kuddly Koala gets a makover

Build-A-Bear has been rennovating their old bears lately: Black Lab, Kuddly Koala, Pawsome Panda - even Beremy has changed. They're making their bears cuter than ever, simply by changing fur length and style. It's a simply pawsome idea, and I'm all for it! So, without further ado, let's start talking about Pawsome Panda!
This panda, at only $16, is adorable! Her long, soft fur is a new addition, and the price has gone down an encouraging $9! Yet another improvement: Build-A-Bear has started advertising the fact that she looks good in almost any outfit. She's perfect for a little girl's or boy's birthday gift, her price is within a good Build-A-Bear budget, and her eyes are cute enough to melt your heart. Build-A-Bear hit the nail on the head when designing Pawsome Panda: she's the ideal gift for anyone!
Build-A-Bear fans may also have noticed the newly-designed Kuddly Koala. Though not formally announced, this bear has grown his fur out and gotten a bit chubbier! She's cuter, furrier, softer, bigger, and more huggable than ever before. If you're going to pick up Pawsome Panda, you have to pick up this bear too. They'd make a cute and huggable pair!
Build-A-Bear's improvments have made a "BANG" in the Build-A-Bear world. I can't wait to see what they'll do next!!!
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