Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Build-A-Bear stock plunges

As we watch the fall of the economy due to our over-spending, we can also see the decline of a favorite toy store: Build-A-Bear Workshop. Stock values have declined drastically, from a high of $31 to the current $8.84. A look at the price chart from NASDAQ reveals the tragic yet full-of-suspense journey this stock has made.

Investors in late December saw their stock at $16 - only half its spring value. Then, on December 13 - before Christmas! - the stock went down to $14. For the rest of December, it fluctuated from $14 to $15. This was surely keeping the investors on the edge of their seats, just waiting for their stock to recover - it never did. On Christmas Eve, the stock was stable - only a $0.02 difference between the high of the day and the low of the day, and was worth about $15. It was the eye of the hurricane - a false peace. That was the last day Build-A-Bear stock was worth $15, and February 4th was the last day (to date) that the stock rested at $14. On Valentine's Day, the stock dropped opened at $11.02 and closed at $10.34. And in March, the stock dropped from $11.76 on March 3rd to $8.91 on March 22.

Investors must hope that the stock recovers soon: if Build-A-Bear's stock continues to take this path, as many stocks have suffered this winter, the value may be down to null.

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~ Lilli

Note: Unless otherwise mentioned, stock values are the high values of the given date. Values found at the NASDAQ online archive of Build-A-Bear's stock values over the past year.

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