Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bears of the Past, Part I, Episode 4: Classic Brown Teddy

Welcome back to another episode of Bears of the Past! Today, we have special guest Classic Brown Teddy with us. Good morning, Classic Brown Teddy!

Classic Brown Teddy: Good morning, Lilli! You can just call me by my nickname, Mini Caramel.
Lilli: Cute nickname! How did you get it?
Classic Brown Teddy: It was a natural fit: my fur color is the color of caramel, and at 11 inches tall I'm the smallest Build-A-Bear from the original October '97 line.
Lilli: Wow! So, what do you think of being the smallest Build-A-Bear from the original group?
Classic Brown Teddy: I really don't mind. People are always getting fed up about "I'm so short!" or "I'm so tall!" or "I'm just average and nothing exciting," but there are advantages to all heights. The boy bears were always trying to get the rest of us into tight places (vents and such) and I came in handy as a scout. It was really a ton of fun.
Lilli: I bet you were glad to be short!
Classic Brown Teddy: You bet I was! Nevertheless, the tall bears also had advantages. At night, they'd sometimes get out the sports accessories and play basketball or baseball.
Lilli: LOL! Were the games fairly exciting?
Classic Brown Teddy: They were HILARIOUS! We'd never seen a basketball game - we only heard customers talk about them - so we had to make up our own rules. We didn't start playing with a ball until a few months after we started the basketball games - that's how oblivious we were!
Lilli: So, what made you start playing with a ball?
Classic Brown Teddy: Well, Black Bear was always into sports, so he eventually found a sports store in our mall. After alot of talking to the various balls and jerseys, we found out that they knew ALOT about sports. They helped us modify our rules to fit the standard rules. Did you know, Black Bear is now the coach of the Chicago Bears' Mascot?
Lilli: Actually, yes. I interviewed him a few weeks ago (click here to view the post).
Classic Brown Teddy: Oh, Black Bear. He was so sad to leave. I was there, you know - I didn't retire until February of 2003. By 2003, however, I'd seen so much (alot happens in six years!): the first Build-A-Bear panda and monkey (before World Wildlife Fund) and the first World Wildlife Fund bears; the first Beremy's Kennal Pal and the first Valentine's Day bear; the introduction of Beremy and the debut of Pawlette Coufur; the replacements of many of my friends - I was ready to leave. I retired to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, and have been running a small knitting business ever since. I keep in touch with my old friends and stay updated on Build-A-Bear, but that's about it. Oh, and I read your blog as often as I can!
Lilli: Wow, Mini Caramel! You have seen alot! I'm glad you read my blog, too. But before you go, would you care to tell our readers about Build-A-Bear's Mother's Day promotion?
Classic Brown Teddy: Yes! Although I've never been a mother myself (I stayed single through my bear years), I am really excited about this year's Mother's Day promotion, May 3rd-4th. Like Lilli, I was disappointed in the declining Build-A-Bear values due to Build-A-Bearville. However, this promotion is a pioneer-of-sorts: it's the first "no strings attached" promotion. Buy $15 worth of Build-A-Bear stuff and get a free fashion tote for your mom. Not 5,000 Bear Bucks and a fashion tote, not 100 Bear Bucks and a fashion tote - for once, Build-A-Bear is encouraging children to think of others more than themselves.
Lilli: What a great promotion.
Classic Brown Teddy: I'll see you later, Lilli!
Lilli: Bye, Mini Caramel!

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