Thursday, April 3, 2008

Build-A-Bearville decorating for parties and more

Lilli's Whimsical Post: Cub Condo interior decorating
Hey all! Lilli here, your guide to Cub Condo decorating. (of course, I'm referring to the virtual Cub Condos on Build-A-Bearville) I'll start out by telling you a few tips - you know, I expect you all to be trendsetters and follow what you want.
So, here we go!
  • Many users theme their bear's rooms. A bear named "Snowflake," for example, might have a light blue room with a snowflake bed. One of my sisters (remember, I'm a Curly Teddy!) is named "Peppermint." Her bedroom includes a pink bed, candy-cane chairs and a red table, a candy-cane dresser, pink tile and pink walls. (it looks a little like an Ice Cream Parlor, actually!)

  • When decorating for a party, let yourself off the hook! Put as many balloons in your front room as is possible, don't forget about cake and pizza, and paint your walls a bright color!!

  • When decorating with a classy style in mind, swirly carpets in not-so-bright colors look like hotel waiting rooms. When decorating with a homey or sweet style in mind, use hardwood floors and pastel or earth-tone wallpaper. (in the light flower pattern) Don't forget about color association; blue and brown make a user feel differently then peach and brown.

  • And finally, buy furnature that fits!!

I hope that helps you get started on your designing - so go design away!!! E-mail me at with snapshots of your designs, and I may post them in a later blog post!

See you on Saturday for the main post on the latest Build-A-Bear news,


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