Saturday, March 1, 2008

New calendar, new look for Build-A-Bearville news

It's March 1st, the day Build-a-Bear reveals the events to take place for the next month! Two furry friends, two contests, a promotional, two online events....Build-A-Bear has packed this month full!

Of course, some of us didn't want February to end. For those of you who are still excited about this year's "Leap Day," there's still a bit of time left for your Build-A-Bear in-store reward - a free t-shirt with a $15 or more purchase. So hurry in - the t-shirt may look dorky, but the virtual Build-A-Bearville reward makes it worth it.

Build-a-Bearville has something else that's very new, and you can't miss it: they've changed the look of their news bulliten. More efficient and attractive, it makes reading the "Build-A-Bearville News" much easier than just staring at a block of text. (like it used to be) It looks a bit like a web browser with tabs, making it a fun "toy" to go check out! Each tab has a label: "News & Events," "Friends," "Fashions & Stuff" and "Games & Quests."

I think it's a good idea to change the look of the Build-A-Bear news, and Build-A-Bearville certainly kept me more informed than the main Build-A-Bear website! Evidentally, Build-A-Bear is trying to make Build-A-Bearville their "website" and their "shop-site." This is great for the users - get on Build-A-Bear to play and not to shop. I'll go for that any day!

In the upcoming posts, (don't forget about the mini-posts this Tuesday and Thursday!) I'll tell more about Build-A-Bear's "five-month reward program," fashions on Build-A-Bearville, and the brand-new spot where Build-A-Bearville users will love to hang out. Until then,


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