Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fashion Forcast

Spring fashions are exploding into Build-A-Bear stores. For the last two months, Build-A-Bear has been steadily releasing their spring collection, complete with countless new outfits. Build-A-Bear has been following the latest trends: Camo stuff for Hello Kitty, sparkles added to every outfit, an adorable Tye Dye Bubble Outfit has been released, denim wear is increasing in popularity, and your sweet teddy bears can wear a skull-and-crossbones t-shirt. (EW!) I think all those outfits are cute (except for the last one.) Their theme with their new dresses is bright pink: Fushia Bubble Dress and Floral Belted Dress are vibrant. The softer Gingham print is more desirable, in my opinon. (so it's good they've released it!) Sparkles are SO in. Build-A-Bear seems to have more shimmery, sparkley things than last year. And for the Limited Too girls, Build-A-Bear Limited Too merchandise has gone to skirts. A final note to notice is the increase of Hannah Montana stuff for bears - but I suppose that will only last as long as the show.

So, this year we may expect the slow death of the Hello Kitty wear, the dawn of brighter pinks and tons of sequins, and more cute bear skirts!

See you on Saturday for my weekend post.

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