Thursday, March 6, 2008

Build-A-Bearville Trends

Lilli's Whimsical Blog Post (like on all Thursdays, I decided just to have fun with this post)

Build-a-Bearville is a little town where bears and children laugh and play a serious community with trends and popular people. Build-A-Bearville has been growing, and it's a good idea to keep up with the current trends.

Styles change from location to location: users with more complex hairstyles and accessories tend to hang out at the Pawforming Arts Center, while more simply-dressed users hang in the Town Square. Sunglasses and other accessories are worn more often in the Friendship Forest than Bear University, and pants are more common in the Pawforming Arts Center. Shorts are common in Paw Park, as well as skirts. If you're going to the Sportsplex, you can find a mix of them all. But three styles dominate all locations: extreme, complex, and simple.

"Extremes" usually have exagerated hairdos in all kinds of colors, wear either all black or crazy-colored clothing, and carry as many accessories as possible.

"Simples" wear summer clothing in simple colors - colored t-shirt, blue skirt or shorts, and matching ballet flats or flip-flops for girls and tennis shoes for boys. Occasionally, they'll have an accessory or two, but not often.

Complex styles strike a balance. They push toward reality and complexity, and current fads in the complex world are sunglasses, hats, and skateboards.

Whatever you decide to go with, I'd carry some from each style in your "my stuff." A t-shirt, some pants, a skirt, and some accessories are a great place to start.

Check back on Saturday for my regular post, and again next Tuesday for my specialized post! And of course, Lilli's Whimsical Blog Post will be here again next Thursday.
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