Saturday, March 8, 2008

Build-A-Bearville Peanut Hunt and Maxine's B-Day

In case you haven't heard, March 6th is Maxine Clark's (the Founder of Build-A-Bear's) birthday. She made special appearances and gave out exclusive gifts while visiting Build-A-Bearville on Thursay, March 6. (I didn't get to see her)

If any of my readers sighted Maxine Clark during her stay at Build-A-Bearville, could you e-mail me at Tell me your first name, what it was like, if Maxine said anything, and if she gave you anything (and if she did, what did she give you?). If you can remember, I'd also like to hear what den you were in, (Clouds, Bear Boulevard, etc) where you were (town square, coffee shop, etc) and what time EST it was when you saw her. Thanks!

Build-a-Bear is heralding the arrival of Adorable Elephant with a short quest for Build-A-Bearville users - simply "visit" Adorable Elephant in the Neighborhood, (click on her) and find the five peanuts to recieve a "special prize." Peanut locations are as follows:
TOWN SQUARE: Near the top of the screen, near where the road ends, on the left side of the road
BEAR UNIVERSITY: There is a plant in-between the library and Bear University, near the top of the screen. The peanut is near that plant.
SKATE PARK: The Brown Sugar Puppy is standing in front of a plot of dead grass; near the upper left corner of this plot you'll find the peanut
FRIENDSHIP FOREST FARM: On the left side of the screen there's an apple orchard. The peanut is beneath one of those trees.
FRIENDSHIP FOREST PATH: On the left side of the path, before you get to the bridge at the top of the screen.

When you're finished with the quest, return to the Neighborhood and click on Adorable Elephant to get your reward. Which happens to be 500 Bear Bucks and not a material prize. (I prefer the accessories and other stuff like that)

On Tuesday, I'll post on the new Build-A-Bearville Beach. On Thursday, I'll post about the 40 new Bear fashions Build-A-Bear has added to their physical stores, and I'll try to compile a complete list of them. Next Saturday, I'll have a full post about Adorable Elephant, similar Build-A-Bears in the history of Bears, and more.

CU on Tuesday!
~ Lilli

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