Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Leap Day and an awesome givaway!

Hello again! As you should know, this year is a leap year - that meansBuild-A-Bear has a special givaway. (they don't miss a thing!) So, lend an ear (or an eye) and I'll tell you more...

Plan your trip to Build-A-Bear workshop to coincide with this year's "Leap Day," (February 29 to March 3rd) and you can have a cute T-shirt for yourself - with, of course, a purchase of $15 or more. I'm just glad Build-A-Bear is having one of their "givaways," and that they're finally giving your virtual Build-A-Bearville bears clothes other than the default outfit. Yes, when you recieve a Leap Day t-shirt, you also can bring a matching t-shirt into Build-A-Bearville for your furry friends. But there's more - your virtual character in Build-A-Bearville will also recieve a t-shirt. Triple win! This may be one of the best givaways in a long time.
Speaking of Leap Day, Build-A-Bear is creating special gift certificates to commemerate this rare holiday. Every furry friend made on February 29, 2008, will recieve a "Leap Day" birth certificate. And unless you end up spending $14 or less (which is rare at a Build-A-Bear store), you'll get the free t-shirt too.
One more note before I go - stop by Beremy any time between or on February 29th and March 3rd (in Build-A-Bearville) to get a free "Leap" move!
My next post will be this Thursday - toodles for now!
Shown in photo:
The only picture I can find of the "Leap Day" t-shirt. Picture from http://www.buildabear.com/events/events.aspx

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