Saturday, February 9, 2008

Valentine's Day Dance and new bears

Build-A-Bearville is celebrating Valentine's Day all this week with the Valentine's Day Dance! Head right down to the Pawforming Art Center and join in the fun! If you'd like to show off your new "moves," head down to the Build-A-Bear town center and click on Beremy to recieve a Valentine's Day dance disco move.

Notice all the Valentine's day decorations!!!! Build-A-Bearville is full of hearts, balloons, and banners.

Build-A-Bearville has another change: this one shows Build-A-Bear's attention to every detail. The newest Bear Associate at the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop is Build-A-Bear's up-and-coming Limited Edition Bunny, to arrive in real stores February 15. Watch in future posts for updates on this!

In stores, Build-A-Bear has released their St. Patrick's Day bear: Lucky fur You Teddy arrived February 8th. Creamy, slightly off-white fur sprinkled with three-leaf clovers makes this teddy a cute addition to the Build-A-Bear family. Released with it is Build-A-Bear's annual supply of St. Patrick's Day outfits, from an Irish Dancer dress to green bear jammies. Also included is the ever-popular Leprechaun outfit, this year being in tones of black and green.

Also, Build-A-Bear is celebrating the Chinese New Year with their slim but cute Year of the Mouse. (yes, it is really named that) A sandy-colored mouse with a few wiskers is just the thing to commemorate the year of the Rat....or so Build-A-Bear figures. I don't suppose too many mothers will be too happy about a little bear that looks a bit like a rat.

That's all for now! Until next week,

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