Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another spring bear, mini-posts for Build-A-Bear Buzz

With four bears released in the month of February so far, (Year of the Mouse, Groundhog, Lucky fur You Teddy, and Pawsome Pink Bunny) while still trying to sell out of last year's Springtime Fun Bunny, what could Build-A-Bear want next? A fifth brand-new bear, of course.

For all bird lovers, the moment of the year has come! Build-A-Bear's "Happy Chick" is descendant of "Spring Chick" (releasaed in February 2004) and various other "Spring Chicks" released after 2004. Happy Chick, however, has arrived looking more yellow and happy than ever! Build-A-Bear lightened up Happy Chick's fur to give it more of an appealing look, and put white swirls through to boost. She looks especially cute in Build-A-Bear's Flower Egg Outfit, and her ultra-soft fur would make her the perfect gift for a young child. All in all, I find this a big improvement to this somewhat-annual event. Of course, Build-A-Bear has once again decided to bribe you with Bear Bucks for your Build-A-Bearville account: 1,000 Bear Bucks for every Happy Chick you own, plus exclusive Happy Chick Build-A-Bearville wallpaper and an exclusive animal adventure. The bribing may be wrong - bears should be chosen because they "speak to you," not because they will bring "monetary" gain - but they hit the nail on the head when designing this adorable furry friend.

And, of course, the current virtual (Build-A-Bearville) Bear Builder Associate is still Spring Chick. ;)

So, where's the rest of the post? Check back later this week - I've broken this week's post up into mini-posts for Saturday (Today), Tuesday, and Thursday!


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